The ice cream of joyful colourful souls that never stop playing!


Ice scream stick 70ml

Although enriched with lemon juice, this ice cream will sweeten your day – given its perfect balance with the flavoured vanilla. 

Kizzu stick

Bubble gum

Ice scream bar 80 ml

A colourful ice cream made only with natural flavours. A surprise for those too young to have collected surprises and a wonderful memory for those to whom this taste brings back childhood memories. 

Bubble gum and marshmallows

Ice cream casserole 1000ml

A colourful ice cream made only with natural aromas and sprinkled with plentiful of marshmallows. An ice cream that always stirs up childhood memories. 


90 ml

The never-to-be-forgotten ice cream, well-contained into a wafer cup made entirely from crunchy waffle. Discover the delicious ice cream in an old-time format. A wafer filled to the brim with cacao ice cream, without special surprises, but tasty like a raindrop on a shiny day.