Betty Blue is our special item, a dessert that you will long for, created for every gourmet lover. Three ingredients define it, an ice cream that suits unforgettable moments: Belgium chocolate, Californian almonds and forest fruits from Bucovina.


Festive Cake 2000 ml

An ice cream cake ready for party, made of the fines chocolate for the happiest events and birthdays. Enjoy a fragrant portion of gastronomic perfection, a special dessert that is at no moment disappointing!

Wild berries

Casserole 900 ml

A delicious ice cream, enhanced with the penetrating taste of wild berries, created to satisfy your craving for sweets that you share with friends and family. 


Cup 200 ml

A cup of Belgian chocolate combined with delicious ice cream for sweet treat breaks or for moments which call for a bit of ice cream.


Ice cream bar 135 ml

An ice cream for the delight of chocolate lovers. Ice cream on a stick deliciously covered in a generous coat of Belgian chocolate and peanuts.