About us

We dreamt about the perfect dessert and decided to turn dreams into reality. Betty Ice is our dream, founded in 1994 and currently acknowledged as one of the leading ice cream companies in Romania.

We started out with the mission to be the best in what we do. The best ice cream on the market became our chief goal. We learned everything we needed on the fly and experienced both achievements and failures in order to become the ice cream kings.

With the support of cutting-edge equipment and united efforts we managed to bring Betty Ice on the list of the European ice cream factories equipped to the highest modern standards. We are proud of our work and very demanding with the products that we make.

Our vision was built around nature. All our experiments and research work made us understand that nature is, without any doubt, the greatest source of inspiration. So we selected our ingredients extremely carefully and started to create natural tastes and flavours. Each Betty Ice assortment has the rank of a gourmet masterpiece. Our ice cream is delicate, refined, creamy, mixed with fruits, hazelnuts, toppings or other surprises that you can appreciate even more if you explore them on your own.  

This is the story of our ice cream. Born from passion to inspire passion.